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54: Christmas cards, type worrying, and sentimental versioning.

Monday, 6 November 2017


Hi folks, I have two exciting announcements this week.

First, I’m sending Christmas cards to readers of The REPL. This is a custom design by my wife, so you can only get it from me, this one time. If you’d like one, fill out your details. I’m only sending 80 cards, so get in quick if you’d like one.

Second, I’ve been working on Deps, a private Maven repository service (for storing your companies private JARs) this year. I have recently got a private beta up and running and already have several companies using it. If you’d like to stop running Nexus on that dusty server in the corner of the office, sign up and I’ll get you on board as soon as possible.

Thanks, and enjoy this weeks newsletter.

People are worried about Types. ?

There’s been lots of type worrying again this week.



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