A weekly newsletter and podcast about Clojure by Daniel Compton.


  1. 10: Howard Lewis Ship on GraphQL and Lacinia
    Monday, 12 November 2018
    Howard Lewis Ship talks about Walmart Labs and their open source Clojure projects.
  2. 9: Hannah Henderson on Continuous Integration at CircleCI
    Friday, 2 November 2018
    Hannah Henderson talks about CI, Spec, remote work, and engineering at CircleCI.
  3. 8: Elana Hashman on Debian and Clojure
    Thursday, 25 October 2018
    Elana Hashman discusses her work on packaging Leiningen, the state of Clojure on Debian, and I ask her all the questions I've ever had about packaging on Linux.
  4. 7: Ben Brinckerhoff on Clojure Spec and Error Messages
    Thursday, 18 October 2018
    Ben Brinckerhoff talks about Expound, his tool for formatting Clojure Spec error messages, a common language for Clojure errors, and the wider world of error messages.
  5. 6: Thomas Heller on Shadow CLJS
    Wednesday, 10 October 2018
    Thomas Heller talks about the Google Closure compiler, Shadow CLJS, and interop with JavaScript
  6. 5: Looking At The Web After Tomorrow with Nikita Prokopov
    Thursday, 4 October 2018
    Nikita Prokopov talks about data synchronisation, the web after tomorrow, Datascript, Rum, software quality, and font ligatures
  7. 4: Bruce Hauman on interactive development, Figwheel, and Rebel Readline
    Wednesday, 26 September 2018
    Bruce Hauman discusses Figwheel, Figwheel Main, Rebel Readline, Tooling, and lots more.
  8. 3: Mike Fikes on ClojureScript type inference, Graal, and Clojurists Together
    Monday, 17 September 2018
    Mike Fikes talks about his recent work adding type inference to the ClojureScript compiler, the AOT cache, cljs.main, Clojurists Together, Graal.js, and Apropos.
  9. 2: Daniel Higginbotham on Specmonstah, Clojure Spec, and Ent walking trees
    Monday, 10 September 2018
    Daniel Higginbotham talks about building on top of Clojure spec, designing simple Clojure libraries, the ┬ÁNolen unit of productivity, and writing useful documentation.
  10. 1: Michael Drogalis on Pyrostore's Acquisition, the future of Onyx, and stream processing
    Wednesday, 29 August 2018
    Michael Drogalis discusses Pyroclasts's recent acquisition by Confluent, high performance stream processing, working on large Clojure programs, and some of Onyx's technical innovations.