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41: Clojure pre-history with Chris Houser

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Download: MP3 - 00:39:37

Chris Houser (Chouser) reflects on the early years of Clojure, Clojure's features, and applying the lessons of Clojure elsewhere.

Note: this podcast was recorded in April 2020 but not published until now. Some of the references are a little outdated, but there’s still some great stuff here that I wanted to get out.

In particular, it doesn’t seem like COVID spreads via metal surfaces very much.

(00:00) Intro
(00:27) The Joy of Clojure
(03:55) Clojure history
(10:55) Clojure and parallel programming
(15:59) Macros
(18:18) Lessons from Clojure
(22:30) Did Erlang have the right idea all along?
(28:08) State of the world in April 2020
(30:31) 3D Printing