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44: Jank with Jeaye Wilkerson

Saturday, 17 September 2022

Download: MP3 - 00:42:52

Jeaye Wilkerson talks about compilers, LLVM, and building a dynamic, compiled Clojure

Note: I used the wrong link initially when publishing this episode. If you are hearing the wrong conversation, delete the episode and re-download it. Thanks!

Jeaye has a background in C++ systems programming, focusing on games and game engines. After 5 years of that, he co-founded an esports tournament startup written in full-stack Clojure for another 5 years. These days, he’s at Electronic Arts (EA) building tooling used to make some of the world’s top games.

In each space, C++, Rust, Clojure, NixOS, etc, Jeaye aims to make an impact with his open source projects. For Clojure, at first, that was with Orchestra. Now, the flagship is jank.