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86: Lots to cover

Monday, 15 April 2019


The last few weeks/months have been pretty busy for me. I’ve started a new job, released some libraries and I’m going to the USA for work in a few weeks!

I’ll be in San Francisco from 5th-11th May, and in New York 12th-17th May. If you’re going to be in either of those places at the same time and would like to meet up, reply to this email and we can try and arrange a time.

I’m looking to hire a part-time contractor to do some work on Deps. If you’re a reader of this newsletter, you’re clearly have fine taste and are very talented, so please take a look if you’re in the market for flexible, part-time Clojure work.

Lastly, a reader was kind enough to send me an Easter card a few weeks ago. I couldn’t make out their name on the postcard, but thanks to the sender!



I realised I hadn’t mentioned any of my podcast guests for the last few newsletters, so here they all are at once:

Libraries & Books.

People are worried about Types. ?



Recent Developments.

I’ve been enjoying all of Alex’s Inside Clojure post’s, but espeically interesting was the one on spec/select. I’m also very excited to see that closed schemas may be on the cards!


I really enjoyed this post on building a robust log collection pipeline for Google Fiber’s monitoring of client router’s (not their content though) at customer’s houses.

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