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93: The REPL Returns

Sunday, 29 March 2020


Welcome back to The REPL, a newsletter about Clojure and ClojureScript. Wolfram Alpha tells me it’s been 7 months and 5 days since the last newsletter. In the meantime quite a few things have happened!

The REPL newsletter and podcast and my open source contributions all had to take a backseat to these other responsibilities.

As I write this, all of New Zealand is in lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronvairus. I’m fortunate to have a job working from home so my days haven’t looked a lot different so far. It’s not clear yet when New Zealand’s borders will be opening up again, so I’m glad I got to meet so many of you last year.

Far too much has happened in Clojure in the last seven months, but I’ll try and point out some of the key events.


Libraries & Books.



Recent Developments.


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