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96: A Clojure year in review

Sunday, 23 May 2021


Welcome back to The REPL! This is the first newsletter since April 2020. Lots has changed in the world since then for me and almost certainly for you as well.

When I last wrote in April 2020, I had been laid off due to the startup I was working for shutting down after failing to raise funding. Since then the world went through COVID and lockdowns, I started a new job at GitHub working on GitHub Sponsors, sold our house, bought a new one, had our first child start school, and generally have had an extremely busy 12 months.

I want to say a big thanks to everyone who helped out with leads on jobs, I really appreciated it.

Here’s some of the key developments of the last year in Clojure (as I remember them).


Libraries & Books.



Recent Developments.


“It is not unusual at all to read a 20 year-old paper with a tool empirically shown to make programmers 4x faster at a task, and for the underlying idea to still be locked in academia.” - Developer Tools Can Be Magic. Instead, They Collect Dust

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